Infant Teacher, Mrs. Katie Richardson


Mrs. Katie is a loving, patient, and a very competent caregiver.  She makes sure each infant receives the love and attention they need to promote good social emotional development. She also provides many opportunities for her infants to develop gross motor skills through developmentaly appropriate activities. 

Assistant Infant Teacher, Ms. Breanna Carden


Ms. Breanna is a 2018 graduate of Woodland High School.  She is currently attending Southern Union State Community College and works part-time as the afternoon caregiver in the infant room. Breanna's sweet personality makes her a natural for the position she fills.

Pk-4 Assistant, Ms. Ashley Terry


Ms. Ashley is a 2006 graduate of Handley High School. Before Ms. Ashley became a staff member, she was a parent of 3 children enrolled in the center. She had been affiliated with the center for 7 years, being on staff for the past 18 months . Ms. Ashley has worked with school age students and is currently working with the PK-4 class in the afternoons. Ms. Ashley takes excellent  care of our preschoolers treating each student as her own. 

School Age Teacher, Ashley Jordan


Ms. Ashley Jordan is a 2015 graduate of Handley High School and has attended Southern Union State Community College. Ms. Ashley has worked  part- time at the center since 2016. She has worked with infants,  toddlers, and she is currently working with school age students in the afternoons.  Ms. Ashley is a sweet, kind, fun loving, young lady who is loved by all.

Staff Assistant, Ms. Alyssa Culbertson


Ms. Alyssa is a 2010 graduate of Etowah High School in Woodstock Georgia. She received an Associate of Science Degree from Southern Union State Community College in 2014 and a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences from Jacksonville State University in 2017.  Ms. Alyssa has worked with every age group in the center and currently assists and fills in wherever needed.

Staff Assistant, Ms. Katie Farr


Ms. Katie us a 2016 graduate of Handley High School.  She is currently attending LaGrange College and works part-time at the center filling in wherever needed.  Katie is a very mature, competent, young lady and her sweet, caring, personality is a joy to be around.