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Meet the Owners


 K. Doyle and Anita Allen own and operate Rock Mills Daycare and  Preschool Center. Mr. Doyle and Mrs. Anita have been married for 35 years and have two daughters, Jacqueline Burgess and Kendalyn Allen. Mr.  Doyle has an Associates Degree in Business Administration, a  Bachelors Degree in Administration,  a Masters Degree in Religious  Education, and a Ph. D. in Religion. Mr. Doyle is also a graduate of  the Alabama Local Goverment Training Institute at Auburn University. Mr.  Doyle is an Ordained Minister in the Church of God and has served  as Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor and Director of Youth and Christian  Education in several states throughout the USA. Mr. Doyle is currently  serving his 3rd term as Randolph County Commissioner for District 3. Mr.  Doyle serves as the Business Administrator of Rock Mills Daycare and  Preschool Center.

Mrs. Anita has an Associates Degree in Child Development, a Bachelors  Degree in Religious Education, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in  Interdisciplinary Studies, K-8 and holds a current Alabama Teaching  Certificate. Mrs. Anita has 29 years experience in early childhood  education and has taught in New Jersey, Louisiana, and Alabama. Mrs.  Anita serves as Center Director and PK-4 Teacher.

The Allens purchased the center in August of 1998. The center was a  state licensed facility that could accomodate 24 students. On their  first day of operation, the Allens had 18 in attendance. The center had  an additional room that was unfinished and within three months, the  Allens completed the room and the Department of Human Resources in  Montgomery amended their license so the center could accommodate a total  of 36 children. God blessed the center abundantly and within a month of  the new license capacity, the center was full.

As time progressed, the Allens knew that an expansion was needed to  accommodate all the requests for quality childcare they had received, so  in 2000 an addition was added to the facility that more than doubled  the existing floor space. The new space provided enough room for 80  students at which time their license was again amended, and since the  addition, the center has consistently operated at capacity.