Preschool Program

 Rock Mills Daycare and Preschool Center uses the A Beka Book curriculum.  The curriculum has been used at the center for 20 years and the success  rate of the graduated students is overwhelming. The majority of  students that complete the program are able to read 3-letter words with  ease. The students also have a good understanding of numbers and number  concepts. In addition to the curriculum, Rock Mills Daycare and  Preschool Center's teachers interject art, science, health, and physical  activity into their lesson plans. We feel that we provide a quality  preschool program that meets the cognitive, emotional, physical, and  social aspects of the developing child, giving him an advantage when  entering elementary school.

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning the A Beka Book curriculum:

What is A Beka Book?

A Beka Book is the "premier" Christian textbook publisher,  serving Christian schools for over 30 years and with over 1,000  educational products.

Who uses A Beka Book?

Across the nation, over 100,00 students use the A Beka K4 program; over 110,000 students use the A Beka K5 program. A Beka Book is used by Christian preschools and kindergartens with a teacher-directed classroom approach
for instructing students.

What can A Beka Book do for your child?

A Beka Book's systematic phonics program teaches  students to read at an early age it also emphasizes the basics in  counting, number recognition, and number concepts.

What are the advantages of this program?

Your child will receive a truly Christian education- one based  on the truth of God's Word. You can be assured that he will not be  exposed to humanistic secular philosophies. Your child will receive a  first-class academic education. Students in schools using this  curriculum attain superior academic achievement.

At the end of the school year, the center plans a graduation and  advancement ceremony for students enrolled in the program. The end of  the year event includes a choral performance from our students, awarding  of advancement certificates, graduation exercises, awarding of  diplomas, power point presentation, and a post graduation party. This  end of the year event celebrates the students and their accomplishments  and gives our graduates the send off they need into the much anticipated  new school year.